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List of plays:

ETHER (2002)  Full-length stage play about the physicist/spiritualist Oliver Lodge

MINOTAUR (2000)  Verse play for radio based on the Greek myth

HOME (1998)  Short dramatic verse ‘cantata’ about medium Daniel Dunglas Home

OMM SETY (1996)  Poem/masque suitable for radio.  Shoestring Press

VOYAGE OF THE ARGO (1993): stage play performed at Kimbolton School


A LADDER IN HOPEWELL: 1991 stage play (also adapted for radio) about the Lindbergh kidnap. Performed in 2001 in Asheville, North Carolina by Jericho Productions directed by Franklin Harris. ‘Both a significant historical statement and an innovative theatre concoction...The use of an on-stage Greek chorus is fascinating and quite practical... a meditation on the miscarriage of justice.’ Citizen-Times


LAND OF FIRE: 1991.  Stage play about the Falklands.


RKD: a Radio Pastoral, 1988: a verse masque.


THE MASKES OF OLIVER CROMWELL (1986): stage play, performed at Kimbolton School.


THE BELLS (1985): radio play based on short story.


GORDON (1984):  One man play (adapted for radio as ‘Between the Two Niles’).  Stephen Hanvey performed at the 1984 Edinburgh Fringe.


THE STEVENSON PLAY (1982): Stage play awarded Best New Play (Ind Coop Award) at the Edinburgh Festival.


NUMBER 10:  TV play


THE ISIS MYTH (1981): Full length stage play about ex-colonials given rehearsed reading at Riverside Studios, Hammersmith.


HIGH DAM (1980):  Stage play about Nubians.


THE TWO LAST LUMPS (1980): Stage adaptation of Conrad story.


ARCHIE’S BRIGHT IDEA (1980):  TV play based on Akhenaten story.


DOMNA (1979):  Stage play about Septimius Severus.  Performed at Kimbolton 1985.


Earlier plays: MIDDLESEX (monologue), DETENTE (radio), THE SEA EAGLE (radio), THE PLANT (stage), THREE DEVON PLAYS , GUTENBERG (television), SCHUMANN (Stage: performed at Exeter University), A LOT FALLS (Stage), RAGNAROK (Verse play), Summer Time Ends (Stage).