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Public readings

Further details on John Greening’s Facebook & Twitter pages.

 visit John Greening on Facebook visit John Greening on Twitter

Listen to John Greening reading and talking about war poetry with Ian McMillan on Radio 3’s The Verb:

And here taking part in a discussion on war poetry as part of the Battle of Ideas:




A video of the launch of Heath at Ledbury can be viewed at:


October 20th – 7 p.m., Palmer’s Green Poets, Parish Centre

October 29th – 6.30 p.m., Long Poem Magazine launch, Barbican Library

November 8th – 3 p.m., Authors at Alden, University of Ohio

November 9th – 4.30 p.m., Reading at Ohio University

November 12th ­– 4 p.m., Charles G.Smith Lecture on Edmund Blunden, Baylor University, Texas

November 13th – 5 p.m., Reading at Baylor

December 11th – Settings of JG poems performed by Roderick Williams, Birmingham

December 12th – Settings of JG poems performed by Roderick Williams, Dulwich Picture Gallery



March 19th – 2.30, Bedford National Trust Association, A Life in Poetry, Addison Centre

March 23rd/24th– Teignmouth Festival reading and competition results (judged by JG)

April 29th – 7 p.m., Northants Writers talk, Friends Meeting House, Wellingborough

May 11th/12th – Camelford, North Cornwall – readings & workshops with Penelope Shuttle

June 19th – Ouse Muse reading, Bedford

June 29th – Publication and launch of The Silence (Carcanet)